Free Resources for the Ramadan Soul!

Incredible Free Resources From our Ummah!

Ramadan Planner- A beautifully crafted planner with daily reminders and good deeds that are actually reasonable and easy. Checklist based. Incredible design! Adult

Family Ramadan Guide and Workbook- A carefully crafted set of lessons and Quran verses for families to learn to together made by the All Dulles Area Muslims.

100 Hadith- An adorable set of print outs listing hadith for kids to become acquainted with. Bright with color! Lots of cute illustrations.

30 Days of Allah's Names for kids- A set of prints by Salam Homeschooling featuring the Names of Allah and their meanings. Beautifully done. 

Eid Money Packets Template - A festive template you can cut out and glue (or tape) and form into an Eid Money packet. Never too early to start those Eid goodies!

Cutest Kids Sheets by Qamr Designs- A huge selection of activities you can print out for your kids to do. Graphics are modern and colorful!




Alhamdulilah Flower  Fill up petals with all the good things, then add color!

DIY Festive Spiral Streamer Template. Print out multiple copies on colored paper too!

Al Wadud! Allah's name plus a tiny lesson on Arabic letters!